TAINA Hero: Joanne Lwanga

By Abigail Hawthorn
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TAINA's Hero Joanne Lwanga

TAINA has internally always recognised and celebrated our team for the extraordinary and crucially important work each member of the TAINA team does in pushing the boundaries and driving the TAINA technology, business, and industry into the next phase of its evolutionary journey. Each team member plays a fundamental role in TAINA’s mission of building the best-in-class regulatory compliance technologies which will revolutionise FATCA, CRS and tax documentation compliance and give financial institutions and service providers a competitive advantage.

This month we would like to highlight and celebrate some of these TAINA heroes and thank them for all their hard work and contributions to the TAINA Family, starting with Joanne Lwanga. Jo is the Customer Success Advisor at TAINA Technology and has been a part of the TAINA Family for over 2 years. Jo’s hard work and dedication has been crucial in gaining customer insight and feedback and driving initiatives that see the TAINA platform continue to grow and evolve to include the best of breed capabilities. Read below what some of the TAINA team have to say about Jo.

TAINA's Hero Joanne Lwanga
TAINA's Hero Joanne Lwanga

Maria Scott, CEO “For me, Jo represents everything we at TAINA are about. She is super bright, resourceful, no challenge is too big for Jo. Her ideas and initiatives are always spot on and she is fantastic at owning and executing them. I could not imagine us without Jo."

Rasheed Khan, Managing Director "Jo has been a valuable teammate. She has taught me a new way of thinking and is always there to lend a hand. She knows how to guide people to the right answer without pointing out their errors. She has a level of strength and endurance that I hope to match."

Rich Kent, CTO "Jo is incredibly bright, very hard working and highly articulate. It is a genuine pleasure to be working with her. She is passionate about learning new skills and pushes herself to excel all the time. I know I can totally rely on Jo to get a job done on time and to the highest possible standard. The team simply would not be the same without her."

Steve Perkins, Strategic Client Development and Management Lead Jo's key strengths for me are her people and communication skills. As a customer facing member of the team Jo builds strong, trusted relationships with our clients. Jo has the experience and understanding of the platform and how our clients use it to cut to the chase, identifying any concerns and owning them until the client is fully satisfied. I am always very happy to have Jo working on any of the initiatives that I am involved with!

Graeme Walker, Director of Finance and Operations Here is my contribution: 'At TAINA, we have several core values, the most important ones for me are Respect, Trust, Flexibility, Perseverance, Innovation and Dependability. Jo continues to demonstrate all these values time and time again, no matter what the task at hand is. Her calm demeanour always creates a delightful working atmosphere, and her friendly and respectful manner has ensured she is one of our most popular and dependent team players. She is never one to shy away from a challenge, regardless of the size or complexity. I always feel as though I can learn from Jo as she possesses the ability to think outside the box in a creative manner. I welcome working with her, regardless of the job at hand.

We are delighted that Black History Month has given us the opportunity to celebrate a few of the many TAINA Heroes who are essential to making the TAINA Family and Platform what they are.

Thank you, Jo for everything you do! Here is to many more years of working together.

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