TAINA Accelerate

Solution deployments can often be costly and require large amounts of technical resource and valuable internal IT time. At TAINA we believe that the availability of specialist resources should not be a barrier for clients to see return on investment from our Platform.

TAINA Platform Implementation and Integration

Accelerated Deployment with No Technical Resource Requirement

TAINA Accelerate is a cost effective, accelerated deployment model that enables clients to set up their TAINA platform themselves with no technical knowledge or IT resource required for set up.

  • Go live quicker by accelerating your software deployment

  • Cost-effective solution, saving you significant deployment resources, time and cost

  • No technical knowledge or IT resource required for set up

TAINA can be embedded and integrated into your digital experience

Manage Deployment Costs and Budget Effectively

Companies are struggling with reduced budgets and resource constraints, leading to a shift in priorities and the postponement or cancellation of projects. With TAINA Accelerate clients can implement the TAINA platform without the need for technical resource or budget allocation for implementations.

  • Meet your tax compliance needs without adding financial burden
  • “Out the box” solution designed to streamline the implementation process
  • TAINA Accelerate is applicable to clients of all types and sizes
Streamline your tax compliance and solution implementations

Streamline your Solution Implementation Process

TAINA’s new deployment model allows clients to start validating forms against the latest regulations and Customers/Accounts within a few days of purchase using a model environment hosted for you in TAINA’s cloud.

  • Access our full suite of W forms, CRS Self-certifications and Combined FATCA/CRS Forms
  • Clients will still have access to TAINA’s core features
  • Hosted on the TAINA Cloud with Shared Server hosting
TAINA is a Role-Model for Deployment and Ongoing Maintenance