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No Tax Form Customer Journey

Do you want to improve your customer experience with a simple and sleek questionnaire-based journey that requires no tax form? Providing the best user experience is increasingly difficult for businesses who are constrained by complex tax forms and restrictions for providing tax advice.
TAINA No Tax Form Customer Joruney

Reduce customer and investor frustration and errors

Most customers are unfamiliar with tax forms and without expert input they are often left confused and frustrated. This leads to businesses having to chase customers for the correct submission, which involves a frustrating back and forth process:

  • Multiple requests from different business units
  • Delays between submission and feedback
  • Delays in trading and investment
  •  65% percent of the time customers submit an invalid form
TAINA online portal reduces customer and investor frustration and errors

Get the next frontier in user experience

To meet these challenges, the TAINA Online Customer and Investor portal now offers a revolutionary 'no tax form' customer journey.
TAINA online portal provides superior user experience

Improve customer and investor onboarding

Reduce bounce rates in onboarding flows, increase customer satisfaction scores, and receive more accurate information by using an intuitively designed journey.
TAINA online portal improves your customer and investor onboarding

Replace complex tax forms with simple journey

Provide a less complicated method for documenting tax status for customers and investors who dislike or are unfamiliar with traditional tax forms and regulations. Assist users in selecting the appropriate tax forms by asking them 5 or fewer questions in a simple and intuitive certification questionnaire format.

TAINA no tax form customer journey replaces complex tax forms with simple journey

Streamline onboarding with faster completions

Using a pre-qualifying questionnaire you can provide an easy and sleek user experience with reduced fields, hiding up to 70% of a traditional tax form, so your customers and investors' tax validation journey need only be as long as necessary.

TAINA online portal streamlines onboarding with faster completions

Grow your business with increased adoption rates

Streamline onboarding and get your customers and investors back to taking advantage of your financial services with a ‘no tax form’ customer journey available now on mobile and desktop devices for all W-series and CRS forms.

TAINA helps you grow your business with increased adoption rates