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Vendor Tax Capability

Do you need to validate tax forms for your vendors, suppliers and non-employee compensation arrangements? US entities and institutions often outsource to vendor service providers when making payments to non US vendors or people as they require you to collect US Tins or W-8 Forms.

TAINA Vendor Tax Solution

Automate the collection and validation of W8 forms

Payments made to non US vendors require that you collect a US Tax Identification Number or W-8 to prevent backup withholding.Validation of W-8 forms is needed to identify valid exemptions or treaty reduction that may be applicable.

TAINA automates the collection and validation of W8 forms

Seamless completion and validation of online forms

Use a smart and intuitive interface with built in IRS guidance and real time validation to complete and submit W-8 tax forms. Enhance your digital experience with a simplified ‘no tax form’ journeys for individuals who dislike or are unfamiliar with traditional tax forms.

TAINA allows your customers to seamlessly complete and check validation of online forms

Streamline your validation and remediation

Automate the validation and remediation of all online and scanned forms in our tax operations validation platform. Upload scanned forms with our best in class OCR, that reads, validates and cross checks information with override and supporting document upload capabilities.

TAINA streamlines your validation and remediation process

Improve efficiency and productivity

Increase turnaround times by 75% with a built in workflow that allows your teams who may not be familiar with tax rules to perform multilevel review to reduce risk and saves cost per form by 84%.

TAINA improves your tax operations efficiency and productivity

Reduce risk of under withholding

Identify valid exemptions or treaty reductions to calculate and evaluate the applicable tax withholding rates using our integrated withholdings rates engine.View withholding rates in IMY tree structures when integrated with our intermediary tool.

TAINA reduces the risk of under withholding

Prove robust compliance with good data

Mitigate risk of failing IRS audit by providing high quality data with a robust and detailed audit trail available in our audit portal. Use tracked and stored data on all forms in the system for audits, compliance reviews and tax reporting.

TAINA helps you prove robust compliance with good data

Streamline your tax documentation and vendor processing processes

In Partnership with Big 4 and input from the industry, TAINA is expanding our Platform to vendor processing. TAINA has been designing a new solution which will address all the key pain points in vendor processing.

TAINA expands platform to Vendor Processing Processes