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Withholding Tax

Would you like to be able to calculate withholding taxes? Businesses need to be able to calculate and view the withholding rates of beneficial owners and partners for different income types.
TAINA Withholding Tax Engine

Automate Withholding Tax Calculation

Calculate withholding rates against different payment types using our withholding engine. Utilizes the classifications and elections made on a W series form plus the US treaty information and returns a static list of withholding rates broken down by income type. 

TAINA withholding engine automates your withholding tax calculations

Integrate with W-8IMY allocation statement functionality

Enable calculation of withholding rates for beneficial owners and partners which can then be viewed in a graphical intermediary tree structure. Use the intermediary tree chart to view both blended and breakout rates.

TAINA withholding tax can integrate with W-8IMY allocation statement functionality

Calculate rates at account level

View applied and state withholding  rates for individual forms or all forms associated with an account. Currently our withholding engine has 28 income types however further income types and enhancements are on their way.

TAINA withholding engine calculate withholding rates at account level