IMY Multi tier manager

Are complex, multi-tier IMY's costing you valuable time and resources? Creating, processing and validating complex intermediary structures can be a time consuming process that can tie up valuable tax operations resources.
TAINA Intermediary Tool for IMYs

Build and Validate Complex Intermediary Structures

Automate your processing of complex intermediary structures with our advanced intermediary tools and withholding statement capabilities. Our tax operatives validation portal supports the creation, validation, and visualization of intermediary tree structures.

TAINA automates the building and validating of complex intermediary structures

Integrate with withholding tax calculator

Integrated with our advanced withholding statement capability to allow for processing and editing of industry-approved statement formats and intermediary tree visualization. Create and export withholding statements with validated W forms into a W-8IMY package for custodians.

TAINA intermediary tool can be integrated with our withholding tax calculator

Reduce cost and time spent processing IMYs

Build and validate IMY structures by uploading W8-IMY forms, allocation statements and withholding statements. Our intermediary tool will automatically generate a user friendly chart that verifies percentages and alerts you of any percentage errors.

TAINA reduce the cost and time spent processing IMYs