Our Strategic Advisory Board

TAINA's Strategic Advisory Board

TAINA is directed by an incredible Advisory Board that comprises of internationally-recognized industry veterans and market leaders with different areas of expertise. Our Advisory Board all play a key role in our growth and global expansion. 

TAINA's Strategic Advisory Board

Our Strategic Advisory Board members are:

We're delighted to reveal our Strategic Advisory Board with eight world-class experts.

Advisory Board - Cyrus Daftary

Cyrus is a Tax principal at KPMG where he serves as the national operations leader for the Information Reporting and Withholding practice.  He was formerly the co-founder and CEO of Markit CTI Tax Solutions and a partner at law firm and another Big Four accounting firm.  Cyrus is also a Strategic Board Advisor at TAINA Technology.

Cyrus Daftary, Strategic Board Advisor

Advisory Board - Jake Braun

Jake is North America Strategy Lead for TAINA Technology Limited. Jake's experience spans across decades of working in top financial institutions in key decision making position and industry associations, including as the Chair of SIFMA Tax Operations Committee and the Chair of the Institute of International Bankers Tax Committee. Jake is also a Strategic Board Advisor at TAINA Technology.

Jake Braun, TAINA North America Strategy Lead & Strategic Board Advisor

Advisory Board - Professor Andreas Fischer

Andreas is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO). Andreas' experience spans across areas of Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Document Image Analysis, and Natural Language Processing. Andreas is also a Strategic Board Advisor at TAINA Technology.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer - Professor in Computer Science & Strategic Board Advisor

Advsiroy Board - Chris Gladwin

Chris is a CEO and Co-Founder of Ocient a leading high-performance database and analytics platform. He was formerly the Founder of Cleversafe. Chris is also the Chairman of the Board and a Member of the Board of Directors of several formidable institutions including TAINA Technology.

Chris Gladwin - CEO and Co-Founder at Ocient & Strategic Board Advisor

Advisory Board - Vin Murria OBE

Vin is the founder of Advanced Computer Software plc in 2008. Prior to this Vin formed Computer Software Group plc in 2002. Vin sits on the boards of several companies and is a serial investor insoftware start ups. She was also named British Angel Investor of the Year for the year 2019/20.

Vin Murria OBE - Board Member, Investor & Strategic Board Advisor

Advisory Board - David Wyle

David, who was named General Manager of Audit for Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Professionals in September of 2023, brings extensive audit workflow experience. Formerly the CEO & Founder of SurePrep, which he founded in 2002 and sold in 2023, and ePace! Software, which was acquired by CCH in 2001. David began his career as a CPA with PwC. He holds a bachelors degree in economics from UC Santa Barbara. David is also a Strategic Board Advisor at TAINA Technology.

David Wyle - Strategic Board Advisor

TAINA's Ultimate Mission

Be the market leading platform for customer lifecycle management globally. By delivering best-in-class regulatory technology solutions which revolutionize the entirety of customer lifecycle management, step by step.