Ongoing Monitoring

Do you need to identify conflicting information, expired forms and monitor change in circumstances? In the evolving and increasingly regulated world of CRS and FATCA it is imperative that businesses ensure they have the best data available for year end tax reporting and audits.
TAINA Ongoing Monitoring of Change in Circumstances

Address overlooked pain of manual validation

However manual operations and partially automated solutions have made monitoring and identifying changing circumstances (CiC), expired forms and forms with conflicting information a risky and painful process that is more reactive than proactive.

  • Requesting or exporting of reports from IT

  •  Extensive review and reconciliation

  • And scheduled and diarised checks and follow ups

TAINA helps you address overlooked pain of manual validation

Reduce risk by removing reactive controls

A reactive process has challenges that can lead to reputational risk including multiple requests for new 1042’ and incorrect tax payables with jumps from 15% to 30% in withholding tax.
TAINA tax operations validation portal helps you reduce risk by removing reactive controls

Automate your tax validation and remediation process

To meet these challenges, our Tax Operations Validation portal offers an Ongoing Monitoring Engine and Dashboard for tracking change in circumstances and form expiry.
TAINA Tax operations validation portal automates your tax validation and remediation process

Reduce operational risk and cost

Using TAINA’s ongoing monitoring tools, your tax operations team can revolutionise their tax validation and remediation process into a streamlined and efficient process that reduces operational risk and saves time and cost.

TAINA Tax Operations Validation portal reduces operational risk and cost

Deliver efficient and robust processes

Automating the process allows you to remove reactive controls, reduce rejections and amendments rates and provide good filing to tax authorities all year round. With a proactive tax operating model your team can always be on the front foot for identifying tax changes and expiring tax forms.

TAINA helps your tax operations teams deliver efficient and robust processes