Standalone Platform vs Platform Integration

Would you like a platform that can be fully integrated into your digital experience or are looking to purchase a platform that can stand alone? In this rapidly changing world businesses of all sizes need a strategic long term solution that grows and evolves as the regulations and their business does.
TAINA Platform Implementation and Integration

Implement a tactical turnkey solution

Improve your tax validation process with standalone portals that can be deployed and implemented to resolve your operational challenges and meet your business requirements Using an agile development model and flexible tech stack we deliver turn-key solutions on time and within budget.

  • Simple and effective 9 step implementation process

  • Agile development model

  • Fastest and easiest deployment

You can easily and quickly implement TAINA as a tactical turnkey solution

Embed and integrate into your digital experience

Fully integrate our platform into your current environment, using a modern technology stack that allows for flexibility, scalability and range of integration options to accommodate businesses preferences and requirements.

  • Seamless integration into your current technology ecosystem

  •  Built on sophisticated and flexible APIs

  • Subject to businesses’ preferences and security policies

TAINA can be embedded and integrated into your digital experience

Role-Model for Deployment and Ongoing Maintenance

Experience the fastest and easiest deployment with the choice of on premises or cloud hosting arrangements and easy maintenance with fast and regular updates.TAINA provides ongoing maintenance through our responsive customer support & remote or in person training.  

TAINA is a Role-Model for Deployment and Ongoing Maintenance

Experience seamless integration or implementation

Whether it’s improvements to your validation process or a full corporate digitisation program, TAINA supports institutions who want to start simple and build for future phases, so that your customers and investors and tax operations teams don’t have to keep re-learning new systems or processes.

Experience seamless integration or implementation with TAINA