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We are nurturing a culture of exceptional people who are passionate about what we do, who care about our customers, and who genuinely want to learn from the best in the business and stay with us long term.

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Our Ultimate Mission

TAINA is on a mission to revolutionize regulatory compliance because the time has come to transform it from a burden to a competitive advantage. Each of the TAINA team is doing irreplaceable work pushing us forward to achieve our ultimate mission. 



The "TAINA Way" represents a practical, real-life application of our core values including the most important attitudes and behaviours that we believe have made us successful so far and will be important in the coming years.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and Collaboration represents how we work with each other and focusing specifically on Time Management, Empathy and Encouragement, Accepts Feedback, Meetings, What is working and What isn’t, Openness, Reliable and Knowledge Sharing.


Ownership represents how we work on our own and focusing specifically on taking Ownership of work, Wanting to Learn, Noteworthy, Empowerment, Results Driven, Serving others, Honesty, Inspired Creativity and Priority-led and Resilient.


Customers represents how we work with customers and focusing specifically on being Customer focused, Under promise but over deliver, Self control, Timely and Effective Communications, Ownership of Customers, Meticulous, Empathetic, Respond to Change and Social.

Professional standards

Professional standards represents the professional standards we work to and focusing specifically on being Pragmatic, Regular TAINA product user, Obsessive about your job role, Focused, Execution and Delivery, Strives for Perfection, Speaks Up, Inspired and Inspiring, Obsessive about success, Never makes basic mistakes, Attempts the impossible, and Learns Constantly.

Robert Borbely, QA Lead at TAINA Technology

TAINA’s Way is at the heart of everything we do, which compliments both our vision and strategy. Having joined the team just over a year ago, the TAINA Way has allowed me to Think Big, provide strategy in various tasks and processes whilst also having the support from the SLT, stakeholders and peers. One thing that really stands out as part of this is here at TAINA, it is the collective capacity of its people that creates the value which subsequently leads to success.

Robert Borbely, QA Lead at TAINA Technology

Antony Bingham, Software Architect at TAINA Technology

Talented people, Always Moving Forward with Interesting Challenges and Nurturing Skills whilst always Aiming High. This makes TAINA a group of people who always want to be better and work together to find solutions and raise awareness to help all of our clients.

Antony Bingham, Software Architect at TAINA Technology

Abigail Hawthorn, Marketing Manager at TAINA Technology

Working for an innovator like TAINA allows you to wear many hats and challenges you to push your boundaries and take your career to the next level. The TAINA team is like joining a family, they are very welcoming, happy to share their expertise and experience and everyone chips in to make sure all of our endeavours are a success.

Abigail Hawthorn, Marketing Manager at TAINA Technology

Emma West, Executive Assistant to Maria Scott CEO at TAINA Technology

Working for TAINA these past 2 years has been the most rewarding position in my career. Not only do I get to be involved in many aspects of the business I also feel empowered every day to make decisions and trust my judgement to help push the company forward. The TAINA team really is a family and we all encourage each other and bring out the best in each other.

Emma West, Executive Assistant to Maria Scott CEO at TAINA Technology

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Full Stack Developer (UK)

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Team Events

Our culture is important to us and we celebrate our successes together as often as we can.

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Celebrating a Banner Year of Success

TAINA team celebrate 2022, a year filled with industry recognitions, key milestones, funding news and most importantly excellent client and investor feedback.

TAINA Office, Level 39, TAINA Team, TAINA Event

New Year New Office

New Year, New London Office in Level39, Canary Wharf! As a regulatory technology scaleup, growing our team and creating a space where our team can thrive is paramount!

TAINA Platform, Platform 2.0, TAINA Team, TAINA Event

Platfrom 2.0 Celebrations

The TAINA Team Celebrate the successful launch of TAINA Platform 2.0

TAINA Team, TAINA Family, TAINA Event, TAINA Investors

TAINA Family get together

TAINA Team get together to exchange thoughts on our key current challenges and opportunities and thoughts on North American expansion.