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TAINA Company Story

TAINA is an award winning FATCA and CRS Validation platform that continues to grow and evolve to meet the changing industry needs of the rapidly changing world. With decades of experience and industry engagement the TAINA team continues to lead the way for regulatory technology and thought leadership.
TAINA Our Story

Our Mission:
What is our focus

TAINA is on a mission to revolutionise client lifecycle management, step by step, by building the best in class regulatory technology.

Our Core Values


Collaboration, Reliability, Evolution through Innovation, Achievement, Trust & Respect, Efficiency and Flexibility.


We work together as a team and share information freely to enable better decision making and goal achievement.


We are dependable and accountable for our clients, partners and colleagues.

Evolution through Innovation

We are original in our thinking and dare to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries.


We will tackle and persevere through challenges until we achieve success. We never stop learning and improving.

Trust & Respect

We act with integrity by Supporting and trusting each other. We respect each other for their knowledge, skills and experience.

Efficiency and Flexibility

We are agile , nimble and adaptable.

Maria Scott, TAINA CEO and Founder

“By having the best team and engaging the best minds in the industry we have built the best in-class regulatory technology that gives businesses a competitive advantage.”

Maria Scott, TAINA CEO and Founder

TAINA Jake Braun North America Strategy Lead

It has never been more urgent for financial institutions to ensure robust and efficient tax compliance. Governments are stepping up enforcement, clients are demanding a simpler and quicker onboarding process and the C-suite is looking for efficiency and return on investment. TAINA’s platform solves for all of these problems through best-in-class technology, comprehensive workflow and fully-compliant tax validation logic.

Jake Braun, TAINA North America Strategy Lead

Rasheed Khan Managing Director of TAINA North America

In this rapidly changing industry, TAINA continues to work closely with industry professionals and regulators to find common solutions and help make implementing changes easier. TAINA’s Industry groups have collectively tackled strategies from ‘standardizing the withholding statements’ to ‘electronic forms and signatures’.

Rasheed Khan, Managing Director of TAINA North America

Sarah Cooper, TAINA Senior Tax Sales Specialist

After two decades in tax operations, I truly understand the pain and overlooked challenges of the tax operations process. I am honoured to be part of the mission of using tax technology to help the future of FATCA and CRS compliance across all financial verticals. I've never before seen a platform so seamless and user friendly, that is constantly evolving to meet every part of the regulations and take on board clients needs and feedback.

Sarah Cooper, TAINA Senior Tax Sales Specialist

Rich Kent, TAINA Chief Technology Officer

We strive to make our implementations quick, simple and hassle free for our customers. We have a proven track record of effective implementations as a result of using technology to automate manual tasks and by constantly evolving. Information security remains our top priority, demonstrated by our ISO27001 certification status. We continuously test our platform to ensure the highest of security standards are always adhered to, using external consultants to verify its excellence.

Rich Kent, TAINA Chief Technology Officer

Steve Perkins, TAINA Strategic Client Development Lead

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and being a TAINA customer is not the same as your usual supplier/vendor relationship. From the very first conversation we become one team with one focus and one goal - to jointly create success for individuals and organisations. For us it's about being there, listening and reacting in a predictable, reliable manner - every time.

Steve Perkins, TAINA Strategic Client Development Lead

Recent Awards

TAINA is continuously growing and evolving. See our journey of how we became a world leading provider of the best in class tax regulatory technology.

TAINA wins Most Robust FinTech Platform Award 2021

August 2021

TAINA is honoured to win the Most Robust FinTech Platform 2021 in the Wealth and Finance FinTech Awards 2021.

A-Teams Regtech Insight Award Europe 2021

May 2021

TAINA wins the Best Tax Compliance Solution Award in the A-Teams Regtech Insight Award Europe 2021.

Fintech Global’s Global Regtech Buyers Guide

February 2021

TAINA is chosen as leading onboarding solution vendor in Fintech Global’s Global Regtech Buyers Guide 2021.

TAINA 5 years in the Fintech Global Regtech 100

December 2020

TAINA is honoured to be one of the world’s most innovative RegTechs in the Fintech Global Regtech 100 2021 list. TAINA has maintained their position on this prestigious list for 5 years running.

TAINA Funding Round

May 2020

TAINA welcomes new investors Anthemis, Six FinTech Ventures, Tribeca ESP and Reciprocal Ventures after successful funding round.

TAINA joined London Business Growth Program

September 2019

TAINA has joined and become alumni of the Mayor of London International Business Growth London for high growing businesses funded by the European Union Development Fund.

TAINA Best Woman Led Investment in Innovation

August 2019

TAINA wins the Best Woman Led Investment in Innovation 2019 together with its CEO and Founder Maria Scott and investors Joo Hee Lee and Vin Murria.

TAINA Oracle Partnership

August 2019

TAINA enters a formal partnership with Oracle for joint go to market and utilisation of the Oracle cloud and services.

TAINA featured in TAINA Top 20 Fintech

September 2018

Top 20 Fintech to watch 2018 by Treasury-backed TechNation.

TAINA wins the Global New Venture Challenge

March 2017

TAINA wins the Global New Venture Challenge of the University of Chicago Booth.

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