Do you currently have staff manually processing tax forms?

Do you currently have staff manually processing tax forms ? TAINA has found the best out there can process, as an example, a W-8BEN-E in 6 minutes - the TAINA platform can do the same in 1 minute 26 seconds. If your customers move to our online digital form capability served through your existing portal or via a weblink it's even less. To free up the time of your tax experts to be tax experts rather than data processors why not take a look at the TAINA platform.


Rasheed Khan, who has over 30 years Tax Operations experience, has created a calculator - we can input your current processing times and form volumes and produce a personalised datasheet demonstrating how much time you might save. Add that to the increased reliability, consistency and step change in your customers' experience that comes with the TAINA platform what have you got to lose ?


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