Lets go back to better rather than normal! - By Steve Perkins

Lets go back to better rather than normal! - By Steve Perkins

I was just watching another really good video - this is on top of podcasts, the news and general conversations on how the world has changed. Everyone is remote, we now buy more online, we are unlikely to want to wait or even worse queue and digital is now more than ever the way forward.

So why is it OK to have to print off and return your tax forms .. and wait for the post or the email to get through to a human, who then sends it back as you have filed it in wrong and you have to start again .. sounds very last decade or even last century!

Here at TAINA we do things a bit differently - whether you are in the office or remote our platform carries on regardless. We have even recently gone live with a client whose staff were in 3 overseas remote locations - supported by team TAINA who were also fully remote.

The tax validation can simply be built into your on-boarding and customer facing portals. State of the art checking and validation is done on the fly with IRS sourced hints and tips available to help end users complete the Tax forms correctly. If you still have paper or pdf forms arriving you can use our leading edge OCR capabilities to digitise and validate the forms passing the information through using the same workflow as for our online capabilities.

So if you want to find out how to step change your Tax validation processes/customer experience/flexibility/efficiency/reliability then please let us know - we would be delighted to show you how it works !