You have the power to revolutionize your customers’ experience .. Really!

Every single financial institution we speak to is passionate about their customers’ experience and in particular how they can deliver superior customer experience in something as tedious as tax forms.

We listened, and as we have a very cool and flexible technology stack, we enhanced our Platform and built these additional capabilities.

They are now live and in production delivering improved adoption by end customers, with a much reduced rejection rate of up to 85% that keeps the customer services and back office teams very happy.

With easy navigation, intuitive hints and tips, realtime validation, pre-population of forms and a sophiticated yet simple workflow it’s quicker to get customers onboarded ..

Talking about pre-population - Rasheed Khan – TAINA MD Americas adds "TAINA has worked with our clients to develop acceptable rules for populating the CRS and W series forms in line with regulator expectation that specific information be entered by the client. Process will save client time and reduce data entry errors, while only requiring the data once from the client."

We would be delighted to share with you how you can grow your business by revolutionizing your customers’ online experience.

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