The Why's and How's of Tax Documentation Changes in 2021

TAINA Live Webinar Why FATCA & CRS Tax Documentation Changes happened in 2021

Free 2021 Tax Documentation Changes Webinar:

2021 has seen several tax documentation regulatory landscape updates from both the IRS and OECD including the release of draft and finalised changes to the W-8 Forms, CRS Compliance Forms being adopted in more jurisdictions and the impact of Section 1446(f) and Infrastructure Bill on crypto reporting and vendor payments amongst other topics. 

Register now to join TAINA's free live webinar with Tom Howgate (Deloitte) and Cyrus Daftary (KPMG) and Rasheed Khan (TAINA)on Wednesday 10th of November 2021 at 3pm - 4pm (GMT) | 10am - 11am (EST).

The live webinar will focus on the reasons why tax documentation is changing in 2021 and how these changes will impact FATCA, CRS and QI reporting and compliance for financial institutions of all types. We would like to have participation from both firms and compliance and tax operations professionals from the buy and sell side, to cover a diverse set of views and questions from the industry. 


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