Christmas Capabilities from 2022 & 2023 Roadmap

By James Sweetman
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TAINA Christmas 2021 Capabilities & 2022 Roadmap

TAINA's 2022 Wrapped is here!

It has been a joy working with our much-loved clients this year to deliver many enhancements to the TAINA Platform.


In 2022 we developed these new features:

  • Multi-tier manager
    • This digitises and automates the time-consuming, manual process of creating IMY structures
    • It collects and processes Withholding Statements, W8-IMYs and underlying BO forms
    • It uses allocation %, treaty claims and income types information to calculate withholding rates
    • With the Nov release, users can create versions of IMY structures and get a sense of change over time


  • Combined form journeys - to save Customers time whilst meeting regulatory needs. These included:
    • Combined FATCA/CRS individual & entity forms
    • Combined W8BEN/CRSI no-form journey completed


  • Webhook push notifications & enhanced TAINA APIs
    • Together these enable deeper integration with an organisation's tax ops and customer experience
    • With these connections in place TAINA's powerful rules engine, Cross Checks and CiC can be leveraged
    • In doing so TAINA can help an organization keep customer data clean and up to date


  • Enhanced workflow options to give clients more flexibility
    • Beyond our default 4 Eye check, we built a 2-eye check option and 'Straight through' processing
    • 'Straight through processing' takes forms with no validation or supporting documentation issues to 'workflow complete'
    • These workflow options can be configured to meet local market needs


Beyond features, we also brought many improvements to existing functionality. 

  • Improvements to online pre-population capabilities. These capabilities help End Customers save time when filling in forms.
  • Built user group functionality & client hierarchy. These change help TAINA mirror any organizational structure or team setup
  • Created CRS-E and Controlling Person linking and reporting. This was to help Tax Operations keep relevant forms and data linked and help processing


At the same time, we worked hard to ensure the Compliance of the TAINA Platform is stronger today than it was at the start of the year.

  • Delivering updated IRS forms in line with changes
  • Overhauling and refining our withholding capabilities
  • Adjusting functionality to accommodate regulatory changes around
    • US-Hungary treaty
    • 1446(f)
    • Annex II


Bring on 2023!

The TAINA Elves are already hard at work in their workshop preparing new capabilities for next year. The Workshop has already enhanced our Google Cloud Platform support and developed validation logic for form 8233. These have been done with a view to next year’s features of:

  • Vendor Payments: Prequalifying questionnaire for identification of income requiring tax documentation. Support vendors with tax documentation collection, validation, classification and withholding
  • US TIN Matching: Advanced API process for matching TINs with the IRS
  • Internationalization: Changing the TAINA platform to adapt to any local market globally 
    • Building Multi-Language displays, form validation and processing capabilities  
    • Creating 'Enhanced forms' that can be tailored to local market regulatory needs
    • Supporting specific local forms like Canadian RC518 and RC51
    • Enabling configuration of validations, supporting documents and more at a local level
  • As well as a long list of enhancements to the overall CX and UX of the TAINA public facing and Back Office Portal


We hope that the above gives a taste of things to come. But we will be speaking more with our much-valued clients in Q1 to share and adapt the TAINA Product vision and Roadmap for 2023 and beyond!

We look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2023. For more information on how the evolved TAINA Platform and it’s newest capabilities can add even more value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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