Online Customer Authentication Without An Online Portal

By Steve Perkins
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TAINA Authent-A-Link authenticate new customers without an existing online portal

Do you need to authenticate new customers for onboarding and remediation without an existing online portal?

By working closely with one of our clients, we discovered that to manage certain significant events, there was a need for an innovative solution. Working together with this client the TAINA platform has grown and evolved to include a new capability that allows for secure authentication of customers and investors.

Key to ensuring that the TAINA platform is always providing maximum value to our clients’ processes, is working together with our clients to understand and strategize how it could evolve to meet their increasing market demands and emerging challenges.  It was several conversations into our regular strategy meetings where the standalone or registration journey was conceived and developed.


The creation journey of TAINA Authent-A-Link

It's fine to manage a customer already integrated into your customer facing digital experience but what happens if you have an event where there is no registration in place. It was clear that a solution was necessary to help our client manage these significant events.

Both teams worked together to prototype an innovative capability that allows financial institutions and their service providers to authenticate customers without an existing online portal – we named it Authent-A-Link.

Using the new Authent-A-Link capability our client was now able to provide a new customer journey that enabled their new customers and investors to complete their tax documentation using a reference code that could simply be created by the fund administrator organisation. Using multifactor/ two factor authentication (2FA) our client was able to ensure KYC by verifying these new customers and investor’s identity.

Online Customer Authentication Without An Online Portal
Online Customer Authentication Without An Online Portal

TAINA’s Agile Development Model

Using the latest technology stack and an agile development model TAINA’s in-house Product, Development and QA teams built the new Authent-A-Link capability for our fund administrator customer just in time for a significant event that involved many 10s of thousands of forms.

Once live we discovered a significant part of the population didn't have an all-important email address. Again working together with our client the Authent-A-Link capability evolved to enable a customer or investor to provide their email address that is then validated prior to their tax form completion with an additional benefit of the financial institution now having the correct email address.


Providing value through client feedback

Our clients of all types, sizes and geographies found that not only is the platform scalable and manages volumes of paper, pdf and digitally submitted forms but it continuously evolving to help our clients meet the relevant regulations changes, volumes increase, and new emerging challenges.

For more information on how our fully automated FATCA and CRS Validation platform can add value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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