Supporting our clients through these challenging times

By Steve Perkins
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TAINA is supporting our clients through these challenging times

Team TAINA are open and currently for us it’s business as usual. This is a massive week for us as we take a new customer live, work with another client to start their first installation into their development environment and work with several other prospective clients on their evaluations all with the intention of implementing the TAINA platform to provide a state of the art Tax validation process  that gives a step change in customer experience, much improved reliability, high performance, lower operational risk and much reduced rejection rates.

Team TAINA can and are working remotely, our platform can either be hosted in the cloud or on premise, we have 2 integration points (single sign on & book/records) and a team of Developers, Solutions Architects, Implementation Specialists and Tax SMEs who will make any move to TAINA as seamless and quick as possible. We also have specialists who can help tidy up any data that might not be 100%. We are currently developing, installing and maintaining everything remotely. Our Agile 2 weekly sprints continue to focused on delivering features and enhancements that our clients have asked for and our Specialists have identified as gamechangers.

Your customers can either send their forms/PDFs  for processing or access our online capability, your back office staff can work anywhere in the world and, in these difficult times, even from home where they can manage the workflow - we are also working with a number of reporting specialists so you can export your data directly from the TAINA platform.

The platform has proven its worth with live clients reporting that they no longer need extra FTEs for significant events, you can manage backoffice workflow between remote teams and everything is logged in the comprehensive Audit tool.

If you need help or just want to see our platform please let us know – last week we ran demonstrations to the Heads of Business at 2 significant potential customers on our live cloud platform from a home router using home WiFi – it worked perfectly as designed and expected.

We are here now and into the future to help you ..  

For more information on how our fully automated FATCA and CRS Validation platform can add value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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