TAINA celebrates Success and Innovation in 2023

By Abigail Hawthorn
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2023 Year in Review

In the face of a challenging and evolving financial landscape, TAINA has demonstrated resilience and maintained its strong growth trajectory. TAINA has stayed committed to its mission of revolutionizing regulatory compliance through building the best-in-class technology to support the industry’s evolving regulatory needs.

The TAINA Platform has also evolved with a well-timed and strategic solution, setting a new standard in the automated tax compliance space, proving that innovation can thrive even in uncertain times.


Industry Recognition and Awards won in 2023

This year TAINA have continued to lead the way for regulatory technology, receiving several prominent industry recognitions and awards.


The Launch of TAINA Accelerate

Solution deployments can often be costly, require large amounts of technical resource and valuable internal IT time. At TAINA we believe that the availability of specialist resources and budget constraints should not be a barrier for clients to see a return on investment from our Platform.

This is why we launched TAINA Accelerate, a cost effective, accelerated deployment model that solves this problem by enabling clients to set up their TAINA platform themselves with no technical knowledge or IT resource.


Expansion into the Asia Pacific Market

2023 marked the opening of first office in the APAC region, this represented a significant milestone in our global expansion strategy into the Asian Pacific market. The new office will allow us to better serve our clients in the region and expand our reach across Asia.


2023 TAINA Platform Enhancements

In 2023 we developed many Platform Enhancements to further increase return on investment for our clients, including:

  • Transaction Engine. This saves Operators from calculating withholding/payments to individuals or across IMY structures. A Tax Operative can upload a file with transaction details and dates. Then instantly receive back the calculated payment and withholding for 1000s of customers at a given date.
  • IMY Structure Linking across Accounts. Often an IMY structure can apply to multiple accounts of an institution. Building and maintaining separate (but identical) structures is very time-consuming and risky. Now users can link IMY structures across accounts. This means Tax Operatives only need to upload forms and make changes once, to align account data.
  • Improved Special Rates Claims UX. Researching special treaty rate claims articles and paragraphs can be time-consuming. Inputting can also be risky as treaty conditions and amendments are not always clear. Now TAINA prompts applicable article/paragraph(s) and rate(s) based on context. This enhancement removes significant risk and time.

We also enhanced or developed new features to ensure the benefits of TAINA could be experienced globally, including:

  • Internationalization of TAINA's Online Platform. In order to support our multi-national clients in improving their customers’ experience we have been expanding the range of languages of our Online Platform.
  • Data Privacy Mode. Many countries have strict rules around Personally Identifiable Information (PII). These can make Tax form processing and validating difficult. This feature enables all TAINA platform benefits to be felt whilst ensuring PII regulatory compliance.

Beyond new features, we continue to work with our Big 4 partners and thought leaders at our clients on ensuring our Platform is always up to date with the latest regulations and regulators’ guidance.

Moving into 2024, we cannot wait for further advances in our mission of transforming the burden of tax compliance into a competitive advantage for our clients. 


Exciting Developments in the Global Tax Landscape

This year the global tax landscape has really heated up with increased enforcement and audits by the tax authorities, CRS 2.0, CARF, changes in tax forms and other regulatory developments. We continue to do everything in our power to support our clients with all of the challenges as they arise.

For more examples of some of the changes seen this year please see


Customers’ feedback speaks for itself:

“I recently visited our offshore team where they showed me TAINA in day to day action! It really has transformed our classification processes, which now completes immediately right in front of your eyes through the advanced OCR capabilities and the on screen ability to see the original form and the structured data ingested version.” Managing Director, Global Top Tier Financial Institution

 "We have had many vendors and third parties that have tried to work with us but it always fails during implementation when our IT systems cannot align. It's been great working with TAINA to ensure our IT systems are compatible and the integration works. The TAINA team have been fully supportive and very flexible with having to accommodate our internal infrastructure changes. As a result, we have proven our integration works successfully." Project Manager, Global Top Tier Financial Institution


Statement from our CEO

“ As we take stock of 2023, we are hugely grateful to our customers for all their continuing support for us and our mission.  We are thrilled about all of the advancements our Team made for our clients – for example, Accelerate is a strategic move eliminating the need for internal resources and empowers clients to start realising benefits so much faster and ultimately ROI for them is higher…

As we enter 2024, we will continue to do everything in our power to deliver highest possible returns on investment for our customers and our investors” said Maria Scott, TAINA CEO and Founder.


There is so much we can achieve together in 2024. For more information on the TAINA Platform and how it can add  value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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