Christmas Capabilities from 2021 & 2022 Roadmap

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TAINA Christmas 2021 Capabilities & 2022 Roadmap

With Christmas around the corner, TAINA is thrilled to have delivered its much loved clients many new and enhanced capabilities this year. Learn more about how TAINA's latest capabilities are adding value to our clients & what's on our 2022 Roadmap.

Some of the new and enhanced capabilities completed and delivered to our clients in 2021 include the following:

▪️ Joint Accounts: Independently validating forms for each party in a joint account scenario, to see what drives the certification status at account level
▪️ Dual Forms: Identifying hybrid and other dual form scenarios where accounts require more than one type of W8 form
▪️ Withholding Calculator: Advanced withholding engine now supports over 35 different income types. Providing clients the ability to customize which income types are displayed.
▪️ Ongoing Monitoring: Advanced ruleset that triggers alerts for change in circumstances and form expiry. Allowing for additional customisation of ongoing monitoring ruleset by clients
▪️ Multi-tier Manager: Interactive withholding statement creation for processing simple, detailed, pooled and alternative statement formats, and Intermediary Tree Visualization
▪️ Webhooks: Automated, event driven notification support to update data in our clients' downstream systems
▪️ No Tax Form Customer Journey: Improved customer experience with a simple questionnaire based journey for faster, easier tax form completion. Eliminates the need for soliciting traditional tax forms
▪️Authent-A-Link: A new journey that allows new customers to complete their tax forms using a secure link and two step authentication to confirm customer identification
▪️2021 W-Series Form Revisions: TAINA has deployed online and scanned form processing for the new versions within weeks of their release. Processing includes updated rules deployed in our work flow for changes and new fields in the forms
▪️ Enhanced QA Capabilities: TAINA has deployed over 2,000 use cases into our evaluation system covering both positive and negative scenarios to make proof of concept reviews easier

The TAINA Elves are already hard at work in their workshop developing 5 new capabilities to deliver in 2022 including:

▪️ Vendor Payments: Prequalifying questionnaire for identification of income requiring tax documentation. Support vendors with tax documentation collection, validation, classification and withholding
▪️ 1446F Regulations: TAINA has identified changes and enhancements to its current tools to apply withholding related to transfer of partnership interest and distributions. TAINA is also working with the industry to create a tool for communicating exemption certificates on transfer of interest.
▪️ Enhanced Workflow: Workflow optimisation for enhanced flexibility and efficiency
▪️ US TIN Matching: Advanced API process for matching TINs with the IRS
▪️ User Permission Groups: Define and transfer access controls for multiple users, for improved security and auditability

We look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2022. For more information on how the evolved TAINA Platform and it’s newest capabilities can add even more value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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