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By Rasheed Khan
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TAINA Global Industry Forum on Withholding Statements 2.0

TAINA 2021 Standardised Withholding Templates Tool

Industry cooperation and support is more important than ever before. TAINA 2019 and 2020 Global Industry Forums on Withholding Statements brought together over 50 of the world’s leading industry experts and two of the Big 4.

We discussed the proposed standard created by the Industry Working Group and agreed the next steps towards adoption. Additionally there was a regulatory update to the participants in response to COVID-19. Thank you to all of the participants for your support and feedback into the Withholding Statements Global Industry Forum.  

You can access and download the latest agreed standard template and presentation from link below.

Latest Template

As we move beyond the work for the first phase, the primary focus will be on adoption of the format and data dictionary plus the integration and use of the uniform format.We welcome your feedback and contributions’ into helping us define these solutions for use by the industry.

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