TAINA Mission as Shared by our Founder

By Maria Scott
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TAINA Founder & CEO Maria Scott explains TAINA's Mission

TAINA Mission: The Why, What and How featuring Maria Scott

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The TAINA Vision and Mission

TAINA Technology is a RegTech empowering financial institutions to transform the burden of FATCA and CRS compliance into a competitive advantage. Maria Scott, TAINA's Founder and CEO is an experienced lawyer who spent over a decade of her professional career as a lawyer and a Chartered Tax Adviser with a global financial institution where she saw first had the pain of regulatory compliance. She launched TAINA to give compliance professionals an automated platform to reduce regulatory risks and help them sleep better at night whilst improving their businesses' bottom line and their customers' experience.


Key Takeaways:

  • What is our Bigger Purpose: Why does TAINA do what we do?

  • How does the TAINA Platform add value to its clients?




TAINA Mission Podcast Transcript:

Why do we do what we do? 

We are on a mission to revolutionize regulatory compliance because the time has come to transform it from a burden to a competitive advantage. Regulatory compliance for financial institutions right now is full of pain. For customers, employees of financial institutions and regulators. 

  • Customers suffer through very poor experiences, filling in multiple forms and wasting time. 

  • Employees suffer through the manual workarounds, the overload of mundane tasks and the inability to focus on big risk issues. 

  • Regulators and boards are dealing with the pain of poor transparency and ever-escalating risks. 


How do we do it?

We transform regulatory compliance from a pain and a burden into a competitive advantage for our clients. We do this by doing the best work of our lives and delivering the best value on investment for our clients, every time. We deliver this value in three dimensions. 

  • Transform ultimate customer experience. 

  • We help our clients sleep better at night by reducing their risk. 

  • And we help our clients dramatically reduce their cost base. 


Customer Experience

Now more on the customer experience. How do we transform the customers' experience? We do this by eliminating the pain of completing multiple tax forms, by answering multiple questions we are saving over 63% of time for the customer. We eliminate the pain of decoding obscure legal terms and guidance. We substitute this pain with a fast, intuitive and easy journey they can take, wherever they are, whichever device they use with interactive and simple guidance. 


Mitigate Risk

How do we transport the risk? We help our clients sleep better at night by reducing their risks. We do this by delivering a best in class ruleset created and maintained by the world's best experts. Best in class audit trails which can be used as a defence in audits as well as a tool for improving internal processes. The highest degree of automation, eliminating the risk of manual workarounds and breaks. 


Save Costs

And finally on the cost base. We help our clients dramatically reduce their cost base and operational hassle. We do this by eliminating the need to maintain disparate systems, the need for multiple silo processes and reconciliations and a need for paper-based processes. Any need for paper tax forms at all. We eliminate the need to maintain validation manuals and we save our clients over 75% of time spent on validating tax forms that they do receive in paper format. 

And that's it. This is our why. This is why we do what we do. And this is how we add value to our clients.


We would love to talk to you more about the TAINA mission and our award-winning FATCA and CRS Validation platform may add value to your organization.

For more information on how our fully automated FATCA and CRS Validation platform can add value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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