TAINA’s FOCUS Philosophy - how we prioritise.

By Maria Scott
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TAINA’s FOCUS Philosophy

TAINA’s FOCUS Philosophy was born just as COVID-19 hit, and we all went remote overnight. Amongst all the challenges presented by the pandemic, two in particular called for TAINA’s FOCUS approach: We found that our Team was working so hard that staff were in danger of burning out.

And we needed to find an agile way of staying aligned with our priorities, remotely, in a way that encouraged the autonomy and creativity of every Teammate.


FOCUS stands for Focused + Open + Coordinated + United = Strength.


Each of the elements of this approach are exactly what they say they are and occur naturally within a strong, open and supportive team.

The aspect that needed more work was Focused. Given that we are all incredibly busy, how do we prioritise and keep the main thing as the main thing?


Here is how the FOCUS Goals helped us resolve this dilemma within the TAINA Team:

The business always has one overarching goal  as its number 1 objective and every area of the business has its own objectives in supporting TAINA to achieving that goal. Each Teammate’s objectives are set in the context of what we want to achieve as a business. So far, all conventional wisdom.

Where I believe the TAINA Team is unique is that we empower every Teammate to set their FOCUS goals each week. Each Teammate’s role and what they are working on determines the number of goals—typically, anywhere between one and eight every week.

We are all empowered to set FOCUS goals and to allocate the time needed to achieve them—no matter what our work might otherwise throw at us.

Occasionally, when it becomes clear that our FOCUS goals need to change to drive us towards our ultimate objective faster and better, we are able to pivot our FOCUS goals and re-prioritise our time.

Every Monday, each Team Leader or Teammate announces their Team’s FOCUS goals for that week. Then, each Friday, when we come together for our end-of-week meeting, we share with each other how we have achieved our FOCUS goals.


The FOCUS approach as part of the TAINA Way

Each of us enjoys absolute autonomy in selecting our FOCUS goals and has the support of the Team if we are in doubt as to which goals might propel us towards our ultimate objective faster.

The FOCUS goals have the added advantage of all of us being coordinated in real time on what our key priorities are.

And, whilst this philosophy was born during a challenging time for all of us, we have found that it continues to serve us well post-COVID, with the values of focus, autonomy and empowerment enduring for all of the TAINA Team.


Join TAINA, on our mission to revolutionise Regulatory Compliance as we continue to grow and add value to more and more customers globally.

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