Team TAINA: the best work, every day, in every role.

By Maria Scott
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Empowering Team TAINA to do their best work every day, in every role

As I was chatting to my two little girls last weekend, telling them how incredibly proud of them I am for being brave and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone, it struck me just how immensely proud I am of my third ‘baby’, Team TAINA, and that I never really share this.

We launched TAINA with a mission to revolutionise regulatory compliance. We are delivering on this mission by empowering the best Team to do their best work, every day, in every role.

Every win, every breakthrough, every milestone we achieve can be traced back to acts of brilliance by the Team; they are a truly phenomenal force.

What I think makes this possible is that we select the best person we can find for a role, no matter what, and, once they are with us, we truly trust and empower them to do their best work.


Working at TAINA

Here is some feedback I have received from TAINA Team members, coming from various locations and Teams:

“TAINA has allowed me to be genuinely proud of myself and feel great about what I do. On joining the company, I went from being bored in my previous job to being energised, from plodding day-to-day within my comfort zone to being challenged every day.”


“For me, joining TAINA was a big risk professionally, but it has proved to be the best risk I could have taken.”


“Just wanted to say how thankful I am to have the opportunity to be on the Team. I feel I’ve provided more valuable contributions in the last two months working at TAINA than I did in my 18 months at [a large bank] ... it brings joy and energy to my work/life balance.”


“Just wanted to let you know how awesome the TAINA Team is. I’ve been going through a lot with my family, and the Team at TAINA have been unbelievably supportive and understanding. It’s truly amazing how many kind and genuine people there are at the company. Working with such amazing people is what keeps me going.”


“One thing I really like about working at TAINA is how the company values the Team, recognises everyone's contribution and is open to new ideas. I feel that everyone’s voice matters—there's no hierarchy and we all contribute to the 'TAINA way'.”


The Team TAINA motto:

Each of us is doing irreplaceable work, alongside awesome Teammates, pushing us forward on our mission.

Every part of this motto is meaningful:

  • Each of us is doing irreplaceable work—we don’t have cogs; every Teammate’s contribution is important to our progress.
  • Alongside awesome Teammates—our promise to the Team is that everyone around them will be pulling their weight, helping us to push forward together; there is no coasting. While this approach might be seen as controversial, I believe it is important. We are a connected organism. Every muscle has a part to play and, if any muscle makes a diminished contribution, others have to step in to compensate, which, in turn, introduces unnecessary stress.
  • Pushing us forward on our mission—everything each one of us does propels us forward. We are on this amazing journey together and we are all pushing in the same direction.


We don’t get it 100% right every time. We face plenty of challenges, with lots of work ahead, and a key challenge as we grow is how we preserve our high-performance culture. At TAINA, we believe that the way forward is to attract Teammates with a growth mindset and strong intrinsic motivation. We retain our star Team by empowering them to do their best work, every day, in every role.

Are you ready to embark on the path of continuous growth and realise your true potential? Join Team TAINA, where we are empowered to do the best work, every day, in every role​.

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