'Turn-key' Solution Improves The Tax Form Validation Process

By Steve Perkins
Read Time: 2 minutes
TAINA delivers a 'Turn-key' Solution that improves their tax form validation process

'Turn-key' solution required to improve the Tax form validation process.

Delivered on-time, on budget and has hit the business goals.

A recent customer was looking to implement a distributed Tax form validation process to:

  • Digitise and validate paper and pdf forms 
  • Require an industry leading OCR capability
  • Provide an online wet-signature journey
  • Incoporate a future fully digital e-signature experience for it's customers and investors.

The solution needed to be hosted and initially no integration to the client data sources were required.

This leading financial institution was keen to partner with TAINA after researching the market and identifying the leading OCR capabilities, the ability to cross check GIINs and public available data improving the reliability of the data, the ease to integrated into books and records for KYC checking in the future, the option to be totally standalone and not need any systems integration whilst having the option to be fully integrated into any future digital client experience and a powerful distributed workflow linking several departments and organisations involved in the process.

From the point in which the contract was signed the test environment was available within 4 weeks and production within 8 weeks. This was super impressive considering it all happened during the unprecedented pandemic that we are all facing and with the Christmas break in the middle.

TAINA worked with the client over the whole period, we were able to introduce a few workflow improvements prior to production mainly due to the agile development model we use delivering sprints every 2 weeks, the modern tech stack that we employ and the team of TAINA employed Developers usually based in our Canary Wharf offices.

The customer has told us that our 9 step implementation process is simple but effective and we were even called out as a role model for implementations by our key stakeholders. TAINA would love to show you our platform and get your feedback - we are constantly talking to our customers, the industry and key movers and shakers to ensure we are always ahead of the curve - in fact a recent customer commented that unlike most vendors we are 'always looking for the next big thing' and we have a track record of delivering them too!

For more information on how our fully automated FATCA and CRS Validation platform can add value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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