US Persons: Burden or Growth Opportunity?

By Steve Perkins
Read Time: 2 minutes
TAINA Turns US Persons From A Burden To A Growth Opportunity

At the start of a new year, we are all thinking what is next, and how can we not only improve efficiency and reliability of our current systems but also how we can provide an outstanding and painless customer experience.

After a tough 2020, businesses and people alike are all in phase of recovery and healing. 2021 brings renewed hope and reflection on past business practices and where necessary changes can be made to push the business into a new phase of prosperity. Now is the time to push on and not hunker down.

FATCA is difficult and complex! At TAINA we have decades of experience and first-hand understanding of the pain, cost, and the risk of FATCA and CRS compliance. If you are currently reviewing the risks of having dual US customers or US Persons on your books, have a manual system for managing FATCA or are simply struggling with your current systems, we would love to introduce you to TAINA’s automated FATCA and CRS platform which may just be the solution you have been looking for. Alternatively, if you looking to scale and grow your business by opening it up to dual or US persons, we would love to have a conversation.

At this time the last thing we need is to either reject customers, remove customers or not realise there is a new customer base out there that could lead to retention or growth.

The TAINA platform is a live and continuously evolving, with some of the world’s largest online trading platforms, top tier financial institutions, fund administrators and Big 4. TAINA platform helps financial institutions of all types increase efficiency, reduce cost, mitigate and provide a superior and painless customer experience.

It takes away the burden and frustrations for both parties to concentrate on what is most important to them. Financial institutions can reduce cost whilst improving their compliance and efficiency and their customers can enjoy an easy and intuitive user interface which makes it easy to on-board and complete forms.

We would love to invite you for a demo so you can see the TAINA FATCA and CRS platform at work and share with you some success stories. We would also love to hear your challenges and questions, that we can either fix out of the box or build into future releases as the platform continues to grow.

For more information on how our fully automated FATCA and CRS Validation platform can add value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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