End-to-end Tax Operations

Watch Time: 30 Minutes
EQ TAINA End to End Tax Operations Webcast

TAINA in collaboration with EQ hosted a webinar to introduce their new, End to end tax operations solution for financial institutions.

Watch our panel of industry experts featuring; Laurie Hatten-Boyd (KPMG), Rasheed Khan (TAINA) and Richard Kent (TAINA), Lyle Lang (EQ), Britt Rohde (EQ) and moderated by Christopher Ward (EQ) as they debate the added value of switching to an outsouced tax operations model for financial institutions of all types. 

Listen as they answers the all important questions including:

  • How should you assess your current process for risk?
  • How do you know if an outsourced model is a good fit for your business?
  • What are the benefits of an outsourced model over an internal model?
  • What enforcement are we seeing in the industry currently and what are the penalties of non-compliance?

With the rise in global enforcement and ever changing legislation, it is more important now than ever to perform thorough reviews and audits of your tax operations process. Performing comprhensive reviews will help identify gaps and better understand whether an external tax operations model could be a good fit for your business and help you mitigate risk, reduce cost, improve accuracy and efficiency.

To find out more information about the joint EQ TAINA Tax Operations Service Model or speak to our team about your current validation process, please reach out to us on taxoperations@taina.tech .

To find out more about the TAINA EQ partnership read the joint press release here.

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Watch the Internal vs Outsourced Tax Operation Model Webcast