How can you achieve 84% cost savings per tax form in 2021?

Watch Time: 2 minutes
TAINA Achieve 84% cost savings per tax form for FATCA  & CRS compliance in 2021

Save costs on FATCA and CRS Compliance in 2021

In 2021 the costs of compliance based on manual processes have continued to rise for financial institutions of all types.

  • By automating your Tax Operations FATCA and CRS  manual process you can significantly reduce cost per form.

Watch how TAINA's Tax Operations Validation Portal is revolutionizing the way financial institutions manage FATCA and CRS compliance.  Learn how you can achieve 84% cost savings per tax form by streamlining your tax form validation process by using the TAINA Platform's leading edge capabilities including built-in flexible workflow, withholding rate calculator, and IMY multi tier manager. .

Find out more information about how TAINA's Fully Automated FATCA and CRS Validation Platform can help add value to your business and transform your validation process.

For more information on how our fully automated FATCA and CRS Validation platform can add value to your business, get in touch or request a demo to see it in action.

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