AEoI Workshop Key Takeaways

By TAINA & WTS Hansuke
Read Time: 5 minutes
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AEoI Workshop Key Takeaways brought to you by TAINA & WTS Hansuke

It was an absolute honor to collaborate with WTS Hansuke and the industry's brightest minds in AEOI compliance on April 17, 2024. Together, we delved deep into the latest developments, current challenges, and best practices shaping the FATCA and CRS compliance landscape.

Gain valuable insights from understanding how financial firms and tax operations teams are answering the below questions;

  • What are the latest developments in the AEoI current environment im
  • What are the challenges that firms face in meeting their AEoI obligations?
  • What are successful approaches and strategies in AEoI compliance, including best practices for onboarding/ due diligence, reporting, governance and solution deployments.


We're thrilled to share the key takeaways from our insightful workshop in a FREE whitepaper! Gain valuable insights that can help drive excellence in AEOI compliance for your organization. Fill in the form to download the whitepaper below or, get in touch with us today.


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