Completing W Series Forms Electronically

By Rasheed Khan
Read Time: 5 minutes
TAINA Completing W Series Forms Electronically Whitepaper by Rasheed Khan

How have Regulatory Technology implemented Electronic Signatures for W8 & W9 Tax Form Collection?

In June 2020, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) issued a notice allowing for the use of electronic signature for various forms this was a direct result of the Covid pandemic and the limitations of getting physically signed documents. How have regulatory and tax technology implemented Electronic Signatures? And what's the current guidance for the electronic collection of W8 & W9 forms in 2022?

Download and read this informative and thought-provoking whitepaper composed by TAINA’s thought-leader Rasheed Khan on completing W Series forms electronically and implementing electronic signatures in 2022. In this whitepaper you can expect to find more about the the current guidance for the collection of Form W-9 and Forms W-8 electronically..

TAINA and Rasheed Khan also hosted and participated in an exclusive Global Industry Forum on Electronic Signatures,  with specific focus around addressing the deficiencies in the current allowances regarding Electronic Signatures. Watch the Electronic Signatures Forum Webcast here

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Download Completing W Series Forms Electronically Whitepaper