Implications of the 1446(f) Regulations for Tax Compliance

By Rasheed Khan
Read Time: 15 minutes
TAINA What are the implications of the new 1446(f) regulations?

How Will The 1446(f) Regulations Impact Tax Compliance Teams?

What are the tax compliance implications of the final regulations under code section 1446(f) released by the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the 7th of October last year? Furthermore, what are the timings of the changes and how can you take a proactive approach?

Download and read this informative and thought-provoking whitepaper composed by TAINA’s thought-leader Rasheed Khan on the final 1446(f) regulations. In this whitepaper you can expect to find more about the timing of the changes, the impact these changes will have on the industry and what a proactive approach will entail.

TAINA and Rasheed Khan will also be hosting and participating in an exclusive Global Industry Forum session which will focus on the Electronic communication of 1446(f) withholding exception attestation. To join the Global Industry Forum on Electronic Signatures, register here.

I hope you enjoy this article and would welcome any suggestions for future topics that you want to hear about.

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Download The Implications of the New 1446(f) Regulations Whitepaper