Regulatory Compliance changes coming in 2023

By Rasheed Khan
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Regulatory Compliance Updates on the horizon for 2023

In the Information Reporting and Withholding (IRW) space we tend to look back at what new regulations, rules, and forms that regulators have released in the last year. However, I would like to focus attention on what regulatory compliance changes are coming up in 2023 including:

  • IRS Implement New Electronic Filing System
  • Extension of filing to Form 1042
  • Refinement of verification process of TCC
  • Additional enforcement activities for FATCA & AEOI reporting
  • Release of electronic filing requirements under CARF

The number of regulatory reporting updates are growing, with no indication of slowing anytime soon. Pair this with the fact that tax authorities are becoming increasingly more aggressive on enforcement. Many of the regulatory compliance updates discussed all start with one basic understanding, that everything starts with the need to document client classifications properly to ensure accurate withholding and information reporting. The above regulatory changes will drive changes in policies and procedures. 

At TAINA we continue to monitor the IRW regulatory landscape. To find out more information on the recent reporting and withholding regulation changes fill in the form to download the whitepaper below or, get in touch with us today.

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