Why choose TAINA’s FATCA, CRS and Chapter 3 solutions 

IRS guidance without giving advice:
Leverages IRS instructions in a customer friendly manner

Best in class OCR:
The only platform to process scanned forms and instantly validate

Data cross-checks:
Online, scanned and mobile solutions leverage public information and FI’s own books and records data to validate in real-time

Industry-first mobile solution:
Making tax forms as simple as possible for individuals and entities. Smart online interface provides superior customer experience on any device, including desktop, tablet and mobile

Flexible & modular:
Fits around your existing processes and systems

Seamless end to end:
Covers relevant tax regimes

Classification of accounts:
Even accounts without forms can be classified

Transparent ruleset:
We want you and your advisors to review and affirm before you commit

Seamless implementation and integration

TAINA Platform has been designed for fast and seamless implementation and integration. You can receive details of TAINA's Turnkey implementation and integration information by requesting it from market.knowledge@taina.tech

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TAINA’s solution is unique, from breadth of regulatory coverage, sophisticated tools and technology built for the future of financial services


Breadth of regulatory coverage in the same system

  • Chapter 3
  • CRS

Sophistication of the tools available

  • Withholding Calculations
  • Complex IMY Structure building and validation
  • Real-time Changes in Circumstance monitoring

Technology built for the future of financial services

  • Multi-tenanted system for managing different funds, business units and entities from the same system, same ruleset, while keeping data segregated
  • Advanced and flexible workflow to fit around your organisation today and be ready for tomorrow
  • Advanced mobile capability to adapt to changing customer needs

TAINA takes pride in its ability to provide first-class service, from deployment to ongoing maintenance

Speed of deployment

Multi-tenancy architecture

Dedicated professional support

Regularity and speed of updates

Ease of maintenance

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Want to learn more about TAINA’s Online Form Solution, Scanned Forms Solution, OCR, W8-IMY functionality, Withholding Calculation Module, Built-in Workflow and Hosted or On-premise Model?


Contact Us today on market.knowledge@taina.tech to find out how TAINA’s FATCA, CRS and Chapter 3 Platform is adding value in your sector by saving costs, reducing risks  and improving customers' experience.

ROI delivered

TAINA Platform delivers our clients strong proven returns on investment. Our Market Knowledge team would be delighted to share the ROI calculation tool with you. Please reach out to market.knowledge@taina.tech