Implications of the 1446(f) Regulations


The final regulations under code section 1446(f) were released by the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the 7th of October last year. What are the implications of these regulations and   furthermore, what are the timings of the changes and how can you take a proactive approach?


TAINA and Rasheed Khan will be hosting an exclusive Global Industry Forum session which will focus on the Electronic communication of 1446(f) withholding exception attestation and identifying the proper approach to solving for the needs under 1446(f). To join the Global Industry Forum 1446(f) working group, register below.


To find out more about the implications of the new 1446(f) regulations, read this informative and thought-provoking whitepaper composed by TAINA’s thought-leader Rasheed Khan here.

Electronic Signature Forum

 The Global Industry Forum is back to tackle a new key issue affecting the industry, for the benefit of the industry at large. Electronic Signatures. It has become the 'new normal' for the industry to have more online interaction with customers making the topic of electronic signatures vs the reliance on post and wet signatures more critically relevant than ever before.


Join TAINA's working group who aims to address deficiencies in the current allowances regarding Electronic Signatures.This working group will create a recommendation and feedback to  Information Reporting Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on a complete view on where the industry wants to utilize electronic signatures. The Industry Working Group will propose the standard and agree the next steps towards adoption.

Industry Forum Webcast

Watch The Electronic Signature Forumn Kickoff Webcast, recorded on the 5th November. TAINA Managing Director Rasheed Khan was joined by an expert panel of key industry thought leaders who addressed several topics that have proved to be common industry painpoints. 

Expert Forum Panel: 

Tom Howgate – Deloitte LLP - Director

Cyrus Daftary – KPMG - Principal

Jonathan Jackel – Ernst & Young LLP - Managing Director

Daniel Dzenkowski is a Director in PwC’s Financial Services London

Rasheed Khan – TAINA Technologies - Managing Director

Jake Braun – TAINA Technologies – Senior Advisor

Download the webcast slides below for more information on these topics and our expert panelists. 




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Registration Form

 We would like to have participation from both firms and leaders from buy and sell side, to cover a diverse set of views and needs on the use of electronic signature.


Register now to get involved, next live meeting on is Wednesday 24th of March at 10 am (EST) which will be focussed around the popular topic of identifying the proper approach to solving for the needs under 1446(f) and electronic communication of 1446(f) withholding exception attestation.