2020: A Year of Challenge & Opportunity

By Abigail Hawthorn
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TAINA's 2020: A Year of Challenge & Opportunity

We have closed the challenging chapter that was 2020. As we turn the page and start the next chapter, we must reflect on the challenges and opportunities 2020 has bought.

Whilst reading the Oxford Word Report; I am reminded that 2020 began with bush fires, impeachment, and acquittal. The focus then shifted to wet markets, COVID, lock-down, social distancing, circuit breakers, super spreaders, remote working, and the overused lines of “can you hear me” and “you’re on mute”. We now close out the new year with renewed hope and efficacy, promising vaccines and adjusting to a new normal.

From a FATCA and CRS standpoint we saw many countries worldwide update their reporting requirements, implement the EU Directive on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) and FATCA and CRS deadlines were extended due to current circumstances.

Some people have chosen to officially cancel 2020 altogether and now see 2021 essentially as a do-over. However, at TAINA we look at things differently! Even with all its challenges, 2020 has seen TAINA and our platform grow to new heights.

  •  TAINA has worked with our customers, investors, and partners to best adapt to the challenges of the unprecedented circumstances and remote work.
  •  The TAINA team worked on our platform, delivering new powerful capabilities to our clients with many more to be released in 2021.
  •  2020 saw TAINA welcome new clients into the TAINA family and saw our platform successfully reduce rejection rates of our current clients by 85% and significantly reduce their spend on labour.
  •  Our successful funding round allowed us to continue our scaling journey and welcome many new employees and investors into the TAINA family.
  •  The TAINA team took part in countless webcasts, virtual chats and virtual conferences which provided invaluable opportunity to share our perspective and broaden our network.
  •  We were delighted to be part of the industry coming together through not one but two Global Industry Forums, addressing the industries mutual pain points.
  •  We were privileged to be joined by Industry experts to talk about industry current industry issues on our recently launched podcast/webcast series

The TAINA team continue to build the next generation Tax Documentation platform that not only delivers on what we need now, but also is evolving to cope with whatever 2021 has in store for us.

From the TAINA team a massive thanks for your help, support and just being part of the family! Wishing all our wonderful clients, partners, investors, advisers and friends a really happy and healthy 2021.

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