End2End FATCA & CRS Solution for the Caribbean/Latin America

By Abigail Hawthorn
Read Time: 5 minutes
TAINA End2End FATCA & CRS Solution with Global International Management and Trans World Compliance

TAINA is delighted to announce its new alliance with Global International Management (GIM) and Trans World Compliance (TWC)  to provide a seamless and holistic, end-to-end FATCA and CRS solutions in the Caribbean and South American regions.

The world is rapidly changing, making it imperative for financial institutions and service providers of all sizes to have reliable and scalable regulatory and tax operations support, the three FATCA and CRS technology service providers have partnered to pioneer innovation and provide a more holistic approach to CRS, FATCA and BEPS compliance, that will empower financial institutions and tax authorities with the ability to easily comply with CRS and FATCA  regulatory requirements of a rapidly changing compliance environment.

GIM in collaboration with TAINA and TWC are driving innovation through technology, education and connectivity with their new, cutting-edge, end-to-end solution powered  that will automate and streamline all processes including self-certifications, client onboarding, review, validation, withholding calculation and reporting for relatively low costs.

Maria Scott, CEO of TAINA said, "Team TAINA are thrilled to serve customers in Latin America and the Caribbean, giving them a competitive edge by increasing efficiency, saving costs and providing a superior customers and investors experience, in partnership with Global International Management and TransWorldCompliance"

To find out more about Global International Management, Trans World Compliance and TAINA Technologies and their joint end-to-end FATCA and CRS solution  read the official press release here

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