Our Quest for Talent

By Maria Scott
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Our Quest for Talent by Maria Scott

How does TAINA attract and retain top talent?

At TAINA, we are determined to attract and retain top talent because our team is what we’re about. Each one of our successes is due to acts of greatness by individuals in our team, who continue to push the boundaries of what is possible every day, in every role. I wrote this piece for everyone who is thinking of joining the TAINA Family and those in our own team who are being approached by recruiters – let’s talk!!

I launched TAINA all those years ago with a mission to empower top talent to do the best work in revolutionizing regulatory compliance. When top performers are empowered and supported, there is nothing they cannot achieve.


Competition for Top Talent

In my working memory, retaining and attracting top talent has never been as challenging as it is now. The contest for talent is a real thing and we are in the middle of it! As a high-growth tech company, and with super competitive market compensation a table stake in this arena, TAINA grants stock options to each team member.

Our focus is on ensuring that our top performers continue to be truly happy at TAINA and are fulfilled, both personally and professionally. We are all together on an important and exciting mission and we are making a real difference in the world. You can hear our very short recording of Our Why here 

Our team has the autonomy and the flexibility to work in a way that is optimal for each individual and their immediate teammates, working in our beautiful hubs, or remotely. In practice, many of the team enjoy coming into a hub some days of the week when they can all be together (Thursday is a current favorite in London!).


Join the TAINA Team

When you join our Family, we embrace you for exactly who you are – the team is diverse, super supportive and there is categorically no politics, ever.

Every new teammate has a Buddy who volunteers for this role to offer support to our new joiner, alongside the usually structured onboarding support. Every member of the team will reach out to a new teammate to chat one-to-one, just to get to know each other as people.


New teammates often comment on the “TAINA way” – that special feeling they get when they join us. So, the team decided to define what that means – what the TAINA way is like – so that we can preserve ‘our way’ as we grow. The team took charge of this, and the outcome was as beautiful as ever – you can see it here.

We get together for our Jamie’s coffees every week to chat about everything that we are passionate about as people, so we get a chance to make true friends and mentors.


TAINA Star Performer Programme

We run a Star Performer programme, through which every teammate gets their own personalized plan of:

  • Additional training that they are passionate about, sponsored by TAINA;
  • Continuing increase in their packages – both equity and salary;
  • Support with outside activities they want to engage in, such as external mentoring or peer networking.


Competition for top talent is real and we will do everything to retain and attract the best. If you are thinking about joining our Family, we would love to hear from you – recruitment@taina.tech.

You can find our current list of opportunities here; however, we continue to grow so, even if a role is not listed, reach out!  We may be able to create one or stay in touch until the right role opens.

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